How To Forward Your Cell Phone Voicemail to Google Voice

I’m currently using CallWave as my VoiceMail service for my cellphone (instead T-Mobile) because of the transcript function, but now that I got my Google Voice Invite seems that I don’t need CallWave anymore. It’s a great service, and if you don’t trust Google you can try CallWave (But is not free)

This is how I managed to setup Google Voice and my cellphone. To forward your cellphone voicemail to Google Voice you need to use these activation codes, depending on your company:

AT&T Cingular, T-Mobile, GSM network

Verizon, CDMA network

TDMA Network

Bluegrass Cellular


Cincinnati Bell

US Cellular

(The number in bold is your Google Voice number)

Press Send or Talk or Enter on your to dial the number.

Now you need to go into your Google Voice “Settings” area, then “Phones” tab, click “Edit” on your cell phone.  Then select “Show Advanced Settings”.  Select the “No” radio button for “Requires pressing star during greetings”.

Automatic login will be disabled for this phone when you call so you will have to press the * key and enter your pin if you want to check messages in the future.

Thanks to California from the GrandCentral Help Group, through his answers I was able to accomplish this task.

Any questions you can contact me at alexsauceda(at)



5 Responses to “How To Forward Your Cell Phone Voicemail to Google Voice”

  1. robert Says:


    I don’t understand how this is different from forwarding all calls to your cell phone to your GV number. Could you please explain?


    • alexsauceda Says:

      I’m forwarding my voicemail to GV.. If I don’t anwer my cell, GV does, and it sends me an email with the transcript.

  2. robert Says:

    Ok, I think I got it. Your method makes more sense because my cell phone will actually ring now instead of directing all calls automatically to GV.

    People were getting annoyed that I was never picking up the phone.

  3. robert Says:

    I just tried inputting the above code, pressing send, etc on my pre-paid AT and T unlocked cell phone and I got a message saying unexpected data error. So it doesn’t appear to have worked. Maybe I need to be on a contract plan?

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